Our Flaggers work in construction zones to maintain a safe and efficient environment for working crews as well as the public in vehicles and on foot. As a Flagger, you can expect to work outside, in congested areas, and, or on busy streets. You are responsible for protecting yourself and the work crew as well as vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians through the work zone safely in accordance with the MUTCD and CDOT Flagger Reference Guide.



Job Title – FLAGGER

Reports To - Each flagger reports to a Traffic Control Supervisor.

Job Overview
The job of a flagger requires physical stamina and keen awareness of surroundings at all times. Flaggers work outside in all weather conditions and have the responsibility of safeguarding the general public and their co-workers as well as our customers’ and the Company’s property. 

Responsibilities and Duties
Flaggers are critical employees of Rocky Mountain Flagging and must be committed to safety, quality of work and productivity. This requires hard work and attention.

Essential Functions
The Essential Functions of the flagger position are listed below. A flagger must:

• Stand for 4-hour periods with only a 10-minute break.
• React and move quickly to avoid danger.
• Lift and carry signs, barricades, paddles, cones, ladders and other equipment of up to at least 45 pounds without assistance.
• Bend, twist and turn without assistance.
• Walk at least 1 mile in twenty (20) minutes or less.
• Climb ladders and climb over obstructions.
• Raise both arms above the head.
• Stand while holding a flag, sign, paddle or other equipment to direct traffic.
• Issue verbal commands to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists that can be heard and understood.
• Hear and see well.
• Set cones, barriers and barricades, and establish and maintain safety zones.


Education level
No minimum formal education is required, but CDOT training and certification in flagging and familiarity with all applicable laws, regulations and safety programs are required.

Experience working out of doors in all weather conditions.

Specific skills
All skills required to successfully complete CDOT training and gain certification.

Personal characteristics
Flaggers must be able to work well alone and with others, maintain patience under sometimes trying circumstances, and treat all co-workers and members of the public with respect, and follow directions.

Flaggers must maintain CDOT certification.

Flaggers who operate a Company vehicle must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Physical abilities
See Essential Functions above.

If you are interested in applying for a Flagger position, click here to print the Flagger Job Description. Sign the document and bring it to:

Rocky Mountain Flagging, 5960 Marion Dr., Denver, CO 80216 . (303) 841-9874

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